Character Voice – Research by Aurora Jean Alexander

A great informative post from Aurora – It’s also loaded with links to other informative posts and resources 😀

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A couple of months ago, visiting a successful and experienced writer friend he told me, he read one of my pieces. I still am honored and flattered he took the time. He has an amazing way of complimenting and encouraging me – but also bringing on constructive criticism which I apparently deserved. Just this time I had no idea what he meant when he told me: “You have only one character voice.”

— ?? —

I was a little shocked. Not that I didn’t believe him, I just couldn’t believe it.

He is a wonderful mentor and of course took the time to explain to me what he was talking about:

All of my characters talk the same way. I frowned. I know my characters in and out, I know their looks, their abilities, their character, and personalities, whenever I write about them I can nearly…

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