Let Me Show YOU How To Use Internet Radio – Guest Post…

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Greetings!  I am Annette Rochelle Aben and in addition to writing and publishing books, I am also an internet radio show host.

That’s right, you can visit my network The PerspectivePower on BlogTalkRadio and enjoy my podcasts right this very moment!


Oh, and I do suggest that you FOLLOW the network, so you can stay current with my programs.

 So, how did I come to start The Perspectivepower Radio Network?

Back in 2009, I wrote a book called: Perspective, it’s all about replacing one thought with another (available through my Author Central Page on Amazon) and I wanted to get some free marketing.

Now, I don’t remember how, but I had heard about Blog Talk Radio and thought, as I had a radio background already, that I would investigate. I was so glad that I did.

 Found out that I could start a network and begin broadcasting for absolutely nothing!  No out of pocket expenses. This would allow me to have my own platform to share my message with the world! 

That’s right, anyone, anywhere in the world, who had access to a computer, could hear my shows.

 I decided that having an interview program would work for me, so I hit up e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e I could think of and invited them to share their Perspectives!  I was honored to hold the space for actors, authors, housewives, cancer survivors, business owners, musicians, artists and teachers.

For half an hour every Saturday, The Perspectivepower Radio Network was LIVE. It was great fun and opened doors for me as well as showcased many others by giving their messages a platform as well.


 The only reason I stopped doing that show was because I was hired by someone to help develop and run THEIR internet radio network!  Whoa, not the reason I started mine, but an awesome opportunity.

Working for the new network, I trained people to host their own programs, helped them create the shows and even rode shotgun during nearly every one of them, announcing, screening calls, doing commercials, etc. That was also fun.

 I have since moved on and have been freelancing. This has allowed me to reactivate The Perspectivepower Radio Network as well as help other people start up and run their own networks.  

Which brings me to an exciting opportunity for YOU!

Let me show you how easy it is to take YOUR MESSAGE to the world, using internet radio.

It’s all done from your location, using a computer and a phone.

Scheduling options are pretty liberal and the best thing is that using the server I happen to use, which is Blog Talk Radio, doesn’t have to cost you a dime!

Sure, they have tiers of paid services and you are certainly welcome to contract with them but you don’t have to do that to put out a quality program.

This is where I come into play!

 I have a 4-week program that sets you up, gets you going and even provides 2 LIVE radio experiences.

Sounds like it moves pretty fast but in reality it could move even faster.

Truth be told, there are those out there who will never do it because they don’t know where to begin. No worries, because I DO know where and how. And I know WHY you would make a terrific host of your own show.

See yourself as the creative genius behind your own network and in only 4 weeks, that can become a reality!

 At the beginning of this post, I gave you my network URL, and here it is again so you can check it out. FOLLOW the network and listen to my podcasts (especially Attitude of Gratitude which I totally love doing)

Of course, your head will start talking to you about how you might do it differently, GREAT!  You are the only one who CAN do it the way you see it being done and I’m here to help you get it going.

 I know that 2017 will be the year that YOU will bring your message to the world, using your OWN internet radio network.

Contact me today, and we’ll get you up and running! 

I’m Annette Rochelle Aben and my email is, perspective_power (at) yahoo (dot) com (written out to outwit the spammers)  

Looking forward to becoming your biggest fan!


USA  –  UK  –  CA  –  AUS

44 thoughts on “Let Me Show YOU How To Use Internet Radio – Guest Post…

    • Been doing it for years. I’ve trained doctors, chefs, writers, inventors… What a thrill it is when someone let’s the training wheels go (me) and sails down the sidewalk on their own! I keep myself affordable because the whole point is to give people access to something amazingly affordable so they can promote themselves and others in yet another way!

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    • Shucks, Ali… you are so very kind. Radio was something I always enjoyed listening to for the music however, once I found out that creating podcasts was just like having a chat with a friend, I was all about that!! And when you have someone else on the program, you don’t have to have 30 minutes of something to say… You can do this, I promise! ❤

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  1. Great idea, Annette! You are so polished and professional on your show, I would just shrivel and dry up, I think. I’d never be able to keep going for a whole half an hour! But I bet its fun! Best of luck with this new venture!

    Liked by 2 people


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