A Short Story

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“Welcome back Professor.” Diego’s warm genuine smile indicated his pleasure at seeing his old friend again. David Brogansis – emeritus professor of biology at Stamford University hugged his old friend.

At seventy years of age, he knew that this field trip to the pacific coastal jungle of Colombia would in all probability be his last. David had devoted his entire academic career to the study of poisonous frogs like Phyllobates terribilis, the Golden Dart frog, and in particular the alkaloid batrachotoxins they exude from their skin for protection from predators. In the restricted world of academia, David was the acknowledged expert in his field. His friend and long time field researcher Diego Silva shared his passion for the tiny highly colourful amphibians.

Within an hour Diego had steered his Jeep Cherokee through the crowded streets of Bogotá and finally west to the pristine jungle both men loved. By nightfall…

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