The Forbidden Spell Cafe: The Best of the Banned

Just realised I haven’t reblogged one of Charles’ great Magic Shoppe articles for a spell (sorry – pun intended 😄)

Legends of Windemere

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You’re not a priest, are you?  We have to ask because that would get us in a lot of trouble since we aren’t dealing in regular spells.  There’s a small market for forbidden magic, but it’s still very lucrative.  First, I need you to sign this wavier that says we will not be held responsible for how you use this spell. Any mention of this store, employees, or deal will be met with magical repercussions.  To be very clear, I mean you’ll explode and take out everyone who heard you.  Don’t try to write it down either because that will cause your hands to melt.  Funny how these curses are allowed while these others are sealed for eternity.  At least the gods think they are.  So, what are you looking for?

Forbidden healing spells are rare, but we have a few on the books.  Most of them…

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