The Writer’s Wine Break #SundayBlogShare #Writer #WritersLife



I am a big fan of the Writer’s Wine Break!

There are several stages:

  1. Writer Suffering.The Writer’s Break always follows a long period (a couple of hours, an hour or in some extreme cases – a good half hour) of writer suffering. The writer is in a form of literary hell; they despise their writing, Twitter has gone silent on them, their latest plot is sagging, they have a raging post-it note addiction,but can’t find their pack of post-it notes and they are starting to doubt whether they will ever become a future bestselling author. Whilst they huff and puff in Writing World loved ones will be busy creeping off to bed as it is late. Loved ones would rather go to sleep than sit and watch their beloved writer have a creative breakdown over a lost packet of post-it notes and a half finished draft with a…

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