Amazon Book Reviews – “Allowed” and “Not Allowed”…

Excerpt from an article by Cate Baum on Self-Publishing Review site:

There still seems to be some confusion around what Amazon calls its Editorial Review section. Despite there being very strong evidence that it is a good idea to have editorial reviews for your book, authors are still, yes, still, muddling these up with the dreaded “paid” review. As COO of one of the major services delivering editorial reviews and mailout services, it’s about time I made yet another attempt to clear up this misinformation.

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Amazon Book Reviews


5 thoughts on “Amazon Book Reviews – “Allowed” and “Not Allowed”…

  1. This article is outdated as of October 3, 2016 when Amazon updated its reviewing guidelines. Much of the information contained is contradictory to the new rules and will get your account flagged. ARCs and advance copies are only allowed via the publisher or author, not third party services like Netgalley, etc, and they can’t solicit any reviews in exchange for the book.



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