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UFO Snatch

Thanks to television and Internet memes, popular misconceptions alien abduction experiences continue to abound. As a consequence, not only do abductees, but also their families find themselves stigmatized in addition to the trauma they from abduction. How do they cope with the stress?

Marriage counseling counseling for alien abductees is a growing field, and its practitioners are sharing their techniques and therapies with colleagues across the country. Spouses of abductees are even writing to Dear Abby and Ann Landers to seek help when their loved one becomes impotent or frigid when they watch “Angry Red Planet,” on late night TV, or start to weep when they see strange lights in the sky.

Issues that families deal with in therapy include:

How can I satisfy my partner sexually after they’ve slept with aliens?

Since we know nothing about alien gestation, is it possible that future children will be hybrid?

How to use pillows to block out the lights your spouse keeps on all night long.

Harmless fabrications you can share with your friends to explain away your spouse’s strange behavior.

When is it time to summon the divorce lawyer and ship your spouse back to their parents?

Although abduction therapists aren’t licensed to practice, the industry is establishing some standards.

Family abduction therapists are required to finish one correspondence course in psychology and subscribe to UFO Weekly to keep up with developments in the field.

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