Were There Giants in Ancient Ireland?

Time for some Irish Mythology methinks and Author Ali Isaac’s blog is my GO TO for that 😀



I suppose that depends on what you mean by ‘giant’. The Oxford Dictionary is vague: ‘An imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman size’. It backs this up with, ‘An abnormally or extremely tall or large person, animal, or plant‘.

If you Google it, you will be told that Irish mythology is full of stories of giants. Despite popular belief, search a little more deeply, and you’ll find this is not true. More often than not, it is folklore which tells of giants, as last week’s post explains; Fionn mac Cumhall reduced to hiding in a crib dressed as a baby, even though he was so large he was responsible for building a road across the sea to Scotland, which we now know as the ‘Giant’s Causeway’; the giant witch-hag falling to her death as she leaped from crag to crag, carrying boulders in…

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11 thoughts on “Were There Giants in Ancient Ireland?

  1. Indian mythology states everyone including humans were giants in previous ages/yugas. Goddess Danu’s descendants were Danava like Tauthe De Danaan were goddess Danu’s descendants in Irish mythology. 🙂

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  2. We have our own Burren in Co Cavan, Dermott. Not many people know that, and its not so vast as the Burren more famous on the North Atlantic Way, but it has a visitor Centre and many fascinating ancient monuments. 😊

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  3. I enjoyed this story and I’m familiar with the stories recounted. It’s disturbing then to read ‘Here in Co Cavan, folklore local to the Burren tells the tale of two sibling giants’ and wonder, is that a typo, a misprint, a simple mistake, by the author, Ali Isaacs. The Burren is in West Clare on the west coast of Ireland, not in Cavan, which is in Ulster, in the north of Ireland?

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