Email Question: Why Do I Reblog So Much?

I’ve had a few of these questions as well and like Danny, I reblog a lot in order to share information (and humour) with my blog readers – PLUS – help other bloggers get seen by potential new readers / followers. 😀

Dream Big, Dream Often


Rarely do I get perturbed by emails.  I always try to be appreciative unless the emailer steps over the line and is over-critical or is offering me unsolicited advice-unsolicited advice might be one of my biggest pet-peeves by the way.

The other day I received an email from someone asking me “why do you reblog so damn much?”  At first I thought why does it matter to this person how many times per day I hit the reblog button?  But then I figured I would truly explain the reasoning behind my reblogging.  As many of you know I have always used reblogging as a way to help other bloggers gain more exposure.  It is my way to help grow the community of bloggers and help others connect.  The funny thing is I don’t think I reblog that much.  Maybe I do and just don’t realize it?!

I don’t consider reblogging…

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6 thoughts on “Email Question: Why Do I Reblog So Much?

  1. Dear Ape. I love your reblogging, since it gives me access to loads of good content I’d never otherwise find. And to offset the problem of not providing the Reblog button, it has now relented enough to give me a Press This button…. will that do the same thing for you?

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  2. I agree with you about re blogging as it helps other people along ..Good for you and keep up the good work.. I think it is a great thing to help others who are new this blogging business or just a great post you feel the need to share with others.. when has sharing become a bad thing? hum… something for me to ponder over, perhaps..

    Take care, happy re blogging to ya from Laura..

    I’m re-blogging this too…. 🙂

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