Why Write? There Are Already Too Many Books In The World…

Article by Author Joanna Penn at The Creative Penn site:

A child comes to you with a new drawing, crayon in hand, beaming with pleasure at creation and proud of the result.

Do you say, “There are too many drawings in the world and this is no good. Stop creating immediately.”

Or do you say, “That’s brilliant. Why don’t you draw another one?”

Your creative self is that child. When you start to constrain what is possible to create, that child will cower in fear and stop creating.

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Why Write?



12 thoughts on “Why Write? There Are Already Too Many Books In The World…

  1. Words are there to be written… to create a texture, a new adventure, some drama… to bring fantasies into pages, to give a consequent form to ideas needed to be fixed into the present reality… Actually, I write for myself, and when I consider being open and real, I share my written thoughts with my family and friends. Only after a couple of years, I may consider publishing for others, it is a form of “giving” to strangers my emotions…
    Serenity :-)c

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  2. Very true, although I would say rather than, Why Write? we should be asking, Why Publish? You can still write, if that’s what you want, or are compelled, to do, and tell your stories, but you don’t need to add to the number of books already out there by actually publishing what you write. We all know we’re never likely to make any money from what we publish, and it’s not easy finding new readers for what is already being published now. It is still possible though to write and derive a great deal of joy from your writing, and share that writing successfully among your family and friends, without the angst and suspense of going through with the publishing part. And just because your writing is not published in print or eBook form does not make it any less worth while … it’s just like the art work drawn by a child who decides to share that effort with the world.

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