What To Do When You Sit Down To Pitch Your Novel In-Person

Writers – Carly is giving you great advice in this post šŸ‘šŸµ

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Carly Watters, Literary Agent

After attending conferences around North America for the past 6 years Iā€™ve seen an array of pitching techniques. Some good. Someā€¦not so good. I get it. Itā€™s not easy to pitch your book (your creative project thatā€™s been on your mind for months if not years) to someone sittingĀ in front of you, especially when the stakes are so high for you personally.

Agents can sense theĀ determination and fear in the room during pitch sessions. Itā€™s honestly palpable and we can feel your energy.

I find pitch sessions draining and galvanizingĀ at theĀ same time. Having a new project pitched to me every 7-10 minutes is a lot to wrap my head around and sometimes they bleed into one another. And depending on how conference organizers set things up I could be sitting there for up to 2 hours at a time.

When you sit down:

Relax. Then tell me why youā€™re sittingā€¦

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