A Thriving Thursdays Introduction – Guest Post…

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I was delighted when our Ape in Chief invited me here to the tree-house to do a mini-series.  Those of you who know me, are used to seeing me write fiction for my blog, Teagan’s Books.  However, for these posts, I’m sharing my “office” side.  While it’s not part of my job at the moment, I’ve written a log of motivational messages.  I continued that via my LinkedIn blog where I do mini posts.

We’re inundated with  information. That can result in a lot of gigo… garbage in — garbage out.  Yet one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.  When I stumbled across this quote, I thought it was a little gem.  Let’s give it a try.

Make a list of things that make you happy.

Make a list of things you do every day.

Compare the lists.

Adjust accordingly.

Enough said.

Thank you, my dear Ape, for letting me visit.

Wishing everyone a thriving Thursday,


Oh wait… Just for this first post in my guest mini-series, here’s a little more.

Here’s some information about my novels and works in progress. I hope you enjoy your visit.

Atonement, Tennessee

veil_of_sky_open_1 copyAtonement, Tennessee is now available in paperback, Kindle, and Nook versions.  It is an urban fantasy with a mystery on the side. The story pulls in characters loosely inspired by the ancient Celtic myth of Gwydion fab Don.  It also features an ensemble of memorable southern personalities.  I did a post sharing my thoughts about releasing the book.

I was thrilled that readers asked for “book-2” — so I’m currently working on a sequel.

Did you know that you can get free apps that let you read Nook books or Kindle on your computer or smart phone?  If you don’t have an e-reader, then check it out!

I have an Amazon author page too.  Drop by for a visit.

Here’s a book trailer as a preview.

Where to “atone”

Barnes & Noble Nook

Kindle and Paperback USA



 Also on the Drawing Board

Work in Progress

Atonement in Bloom

My other works in progress have been pushed aside so that I can work on book-2 in the Atonement series.  As usual, I have less time for writing than anticipated or hoped…

The Guitar Mancer

Guitar Mancer Cover final 05-04-2016



Right now, I’m posting a serialized version of this novel at my blog.  So just get in the car!  It’s a road trip each Saturday.

Here’s a link to the very first episode.

It’s a quirky urban fantasy that opens on New Years Eve 1969 in Nashville, Tennessee. Of course there is an arch-villain. There’s also a magic man, a girl who doesn’t yet know she’s magic, a seven foot tall shaman, spirit animals, and a cross country chase on historic Route 66.


43 thoughts on “A Thriving Thursdays Introduction – Guest Post…

  1. Trying trying trying to thrive, thank you, Teagan and Chris for the Thursday boost, I need it because so far today I feel like “This must be Thursday,’ said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer. ‘I never could get the hang of Thursdays.” ~Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    Wishing you a terrific, thriving Thursday, dear Teagan and Chris!
    Mega adjust accordingly hugs xoxox

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    • It’s me thanking you, Olga. I hope I haven’t confused things by posting the ones Chris has already posted. I wanted them to be searchable at my blog, and show in full. So I will be playing catch up with that for the next few Thursdays. Huge hugs my friend.

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    • Hi Michelle. It’s so nice of you to visit Ape’s Tree-house. I did these posts at LinkedIn, every week for a year and a half. But LinkedIn has changed how they distribute things, and they stopped getting views. So our Ape in Chief agreed to share some of them here. Look for me here the 3rd Thursday of each month throughout the rest of this year. Mega hugs my friend.

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