Zoe and Those Feline Blues…

Zoe and Those Feline Blues

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I can hear you all now. Zoe’s got the blues? Yes, I do . . . well, I did. Now I’m doing the happy dance! Before you go diagnosing me with some sort of mood disorder, let me explain this story of mixed emotions.

Before I do, though—a big “hello!” to my fellow felines, and to those friends of the canine and humanine persuasion, as well. To anyone who may not know me, my name is Zoe and I am a fabulous feline (so fabulous, I coin new words as needed to suit my purpose). I write about my adventures, and sometimes about my life with my human, Emily, which can be an adventure.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer, though its end is fast approaching. I hate endings, don’t you? Some say an end is just a new beginning. “When one door closes . . . ” yada, yada, yada. Who comes up with that bull anyway?

I have been thinking of my good friend Bella. When I first met Bella, I thought she was a wolf. At first I was disappointed when she turned out to be just a dog; no offense to you dogs out there, but, how cool would it have been to know a wolf? Bella and I became best friends and shared many adventures together. Until her humans took her away. I don’t know where, but Bella said it would be somewhere warm because her humans did not like the snow and cold of New England. So ended our road trip days.

As you can see from the title, I have been lying around rather listless of late, feeling blue without knowing why. Has that ever happened to you? You’re busy, you’re getting this and that done. But something is missing and you just don’t know what. Maybe you work more to fill up the hours—I cannot believe how much time I spend keeping mice away and chasing down bugs before they freak my human out. But that has not helped.

So, here I am. Another day, another dime. I don’t really know what that means. My human says it a lot, and I just like the sound of it. Seems to fit this blasé feeling I’ve been having, too. But the real story begins now.

pilates zoe

Lying in my favorite spot in front of the living room deck doors, basking in the sun, I was thinking—well, not much of anything, actually. I was so still that when Emily walked by, she said, “Zoe, you alive or what?” I gave her the look. I would have given her a little love bite, too, but I was too tired. Besides, she had a point.

In that twilight zone of neither here nor there, I suddenly sensed more than saw a really large shadow pass over me. I ignored it. If I had not been in such a lackadaisical state, I might have thrown a hissy fit at whatever it was that had come between me and my sunshine. I so appreciated Old Man Sol because, blue as I was, a gray day would have been just too much to bear. (I know how my black coat glistens in the sun, so there’s that, too.) A second later, though, I could feel the sun again and knew that whatever cast that shadow had gone on its way. But another second after that, “it” returned, laying its shadow over me again. This time it lingered.

Remember that hissy fit I mentioned? It exploded out of me. I wanted this thing off my deck and out of my sunshine! I jumped up on all fours, spun myself around a few times (that demon had nothing on me), and ran at the glass, ready to screech away whatever had dared to disturb my sun-filled siesta. But the only thing I screeched was to a halt.

Can you guess what surprise my fierce, flashing eyes did behold? My old friend Bella! She looked just like gold! Her fur was all shiny and golden and tan; she’d spent the winter down south but was back home again. She was smiling at me, her lips wide in a grin. I just stood there in shock, so she barked her chagrin. With her nose to the glass and her butt in the air, with a yelp and a wiggle, she cried “Come out here!”

I was up for the challenge—now I knew what was wrong. I’d been missing my friend, who’d been gone far too long. I ran to the kitchen, nobody was there. I jumped through the pet door and at Bella I stared. “Are you for real? Are you really back home? Or am I just dreaming, a lonely love song?” Without hesitation, she gave me a lick. Then I knew she was real and my heart jumped a tick. “Oh, Zoe, I’ve missed you!” she laughed and she cried. “No more than I you!” was my joyous reply. So off we trotted, out into the day, to look for adventure, to play, play, play! And that’s what we did, ’til the day sky turned black. We came home tuckered out, and slept belly to back. Tomorrow, tomorrow, we’ll play once again. How happy I am to see my good friend!

for Sep16 story almost dead

Summer’s ending brought Bella home and the beginning of new adventures! I guess that old saying wasn’t bull, after all.

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