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I love cool tools. I’m a sucker for analog tools like well-built notebooks and the ever-versatile index card, but I also have a definite weakness for software and apps.  While I sometimes feel a little guilty about my fascination with shiny new toys (don’t tell, but I have been known to temporarily abandon a deadline in order to download and explore a new app), I also know that writing is hard work and I can use all the help I can get. For that reason (and because  #geekfactor), I’ve decided to share some of my favorite tools with you via a post series called, aptly, Tools for Writers.


apple-notes-iconAnd the first tool I’d like to share with you is Apple Notes. (Sorry PC users.)

Despite my recent technical troubles with my MacBook Pro, I’m still an Apple fan. So, it was no surprise that the headline Apple Notes is…

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