Online Resources: The Digital Library of Georgia

Links to some great resources from Kristen šŸ‘
Why not check out other Local, National or International Digital Libraries to see what resources they can offer.
Digital Museums are worth checking out as well.

Kristen Twardowski


Though Google searches provide great results, sometimes writers need information that is Ā more in depth than what theyĀ can offer. With that in mind, Iā€™ll periodically be featuringĀ some digital resources that offer users free primary and/or secondary sources. These sources can be great if you are trying to get a feel for a historical period or simply gather information to make a story come to life.

Today I want to highlight theĀ Digital Library of Georgia (DLG). The DLG has a lot of great information about African American history, the American Civil War, and the American South in general. For anyone writing about any of those topics, DLG has fabulous images, diaries, and other works that can be used for inspiration. Iā€™ve listed some that I find interesting below.

The Vanishing Georgia Collection

Vanishing Georgia has over 18,000 photographs taken over 100 years of Georgia history. They include family lifeā€¦

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