I have a bed like this – Do You?


27 thoughts on “I have a bed like this – Do You?

  1. I had a bed like that yesterday evening – and this morning. Normally falling asleep is not a problem, but yesterday I drank “coffee” (something I rarely do at home) at about half past 6 pm … BAD IDEA … Could not get tired till 1 am .. and woke up 6:24 with a big NOOOOO at my lips.

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  2. Made me laugh. The best bed I ever lay me down to rest in was at a Swedish store in Toronto.
    I, who could never find a comfortable position to sleep in for years post-car accident, fell asleep on top of that bed in within 5 minutes. (Mind you, I was exhausted from lack of sleep and pain.) So when I woke up, I asked the smiling salesperson about the price, thinking: I have to buy this bed!
    $27-thousand, he said.
    But if I could have afforded it, I would have bought that bed!!

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