Crime Never Pays.

Here’s a little Sunday Spoof from Ellen 👍😄


wp-1457440217018.jpegThis is where my story begins as I am sat making notes and putting things right. This is not a fairy tale this is Jack’s comeuppance “Pay back time” *cough* The story begins with the local newspaper headlines.

Jack Spriggins And His Mother

 (Of Beanstalk fame) Arrested!

Inspector Checker did not relish his job today. He had brought prominent towns folk in for questioning , and they stood charged before the beak at one O’clock.
“Order, order” cried the judge as the courtroom filled with onlookers who scrambled and shoved for a seat.
Mr. Jack Spriggins of Jackstown Hall Jacks Town, you are charged on this day as follows.

One case of fraud, As you fraudulently wormed your way into Mr and Mrs. Ogre’s home by falsely passing yourself off as a poor orphan.

Three Cases of Theft, one, a bag of gold, the second a golden singing harp,and thirdly…

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