Meet Guest Author Natasha Sayles…

Natasha SaylesMy name is Natasha Sayles and my book Father, Daddy, Dad is based on my life experiences.

I was born in Cleveland Ohio and later my family relocated to Los Angeles Ca. were I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

As a young girl I watched my mother suffer abuse at hands of the men she chose to be with.

Eventually she found herself in a relationship where both she and I were both being verbally and physically abused.

At the age of18 I moved out of my parents’ house and I found myself struggling with adulthood.

I suffered from low self-esteem and wanted to badly to be loved and excepted that I allowed myself to be mistreated and taken advantage of.

Eventually I started looking for a way away from it all.

I found myself in church were I begin to take a real interest in God and what he had to offer.

At the age of 21 I fully excepted Christ in my life and was baptized.

Once I started building a relationship with God I realized he was all the love and acceptance I needed.

With a better outlook on life I read this book titled Identifying & Breaking the Cycles by Saniyyah Mayo.

This book opened my eyes and gave me some of the tools I needed to help insure that I didn’t find myself in the same situations as my mother.

After reading Identifying & Breaking the Cycles I was compelled to tell my own story not only was it therapeutic for me but my prayer was that it would help someone else. I

absolutely enjoy writing and love to read so writing a book actually came easy for me.publishing it on the other hand was another story.

Although my manuscript was excepted to three publishing companies the hard part was choosing which one to go with. I wanted to make sure my decision was led by God. After Praying I was led to go with Tate Publishing.

Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with they have been very understanding of what I want and how I want it done.

I thank God for the opportunity he has given me and I hope to change lives in the process.

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18 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Natasha Sayles…

  1. Natasha, I am truly inspired by your tenacity and desire to help others. You seem to live with an open heart, and I hope you never meet with something that forces you to close it. Reblogged and shared across my pages. Best of luck to you 🙂

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