Money to help creative parents – Grants for writers and artists with children

It does no harm applying if you’re eligible Folks 😀


The job of the Sustainable Arts Foundation is to give money away. Based in San Francisco, they have been supporting artists and writers with families for over five years because…

… we think it’s important for children to grow up with artists and writers as parents, to think that being creative is both a normal and necessary thing.

family outline-1247203_640They give grants to writers and artists of excellence anywhere in the world. I had to double check that because I felt sure that they would have to limit grants to US residents but no, they have a truly international outlook. This is how they phrase it.

 We have no geographical restrictions on our applicants. This applies both to U.S. citizens living abroad as well as to citizens of other countries.

They have two application rounds each year where they make awards to individuals for $6,000 and $2,000 . Usually they make…

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