The Thrill of New Books by Millicent Flake

Authors – Is there a low income school near you who could benefit from getting a few books donated by you?

Nerdy Book Club

When I started as a middle school media specialist after 10 years in an elementary school, one of the biggest adjustments was the lack of money for new books. I went from a fairly large school to  a much smaller one and my budget was practically non-existent. After a frustrating few years, I decided I had to find some money that was mine alone and started going after grants.

Being in a low-income school has its advantages in getting grants, and I was very fortunate one year to receive $3,000 to buy nonfiction books from Dollar General Literacy Foundation and the next year to receive $5000 from the Laura Bush Foundation. Both of these organizations are very generous to schools that serve under-privileged children and have a fairly easy grant proposal process.

I was excited to weed out and replace many of the tattered copies on my shelves, but…

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9 thoughts on “The Thrill of New Books by Millicent Flake

  1. That’s a great idea! We had a library at school and by the time I finished school I’d read all of the books at least once. Public libraries are very low cost here but living in the boonies made the school library really valuable to us.

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