5 Techniques To Edit A Novel

Rachel Poli

Everyone works differently. We all work at our pace and do things our own way.

There is no right way to write a novel. We all get through our first drafts in a different way and at different times.

Some plan, some pants. Some try to have the first draft written in a certain amount of time, others just write a little bit until it’s done. Even if it takes years.

Editing isn’t much different.

We all essentiallylook for the same things when we self-edit our novels. We look for plot holes, proper characters development, pacing issues, inconsistency. Then there’s the proofreading in which you look for typos, grammaticalerrors, spelling mishaps, and other mechanic-type stuff that goes into writing novels.

I usually end up with a million drafts of my novels and I edit each draft differently. It helps keep things interesting and I catch different things during each method.

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