The Crypt – or – a Tale With No Ending (Yet)

Remember the short start to a story Helen posed on Sunday 31st July?
Well, here it continues with the comments entrants added so far.
Helen tells us we have until Thursday, August 4th to continue and complete the story, using the comments section under todays post ON HER BLOG.

Helen Glynn Jones

IMG_2594Wow! On Saturday night, as a bit of fun, I posted a story that Craig Boyack had started based on a photograph I’d taken, in the hope we might get a few other writers to contribute to the tale of the archaeologist in the crypt. And we did! So many comments, in fact, that I’ve decided to collate them here in the order they were received, so that hopefully we can finish the story and get this poor archaeologist out of the crypt, or into the monster’s lair, or Janine’s embrace, or wherever he ends up. I won’t tag the commenters – if you want to see who added what, head over to the original post and scroll through the comments. So, here we go:

For over a thousand years, the ancient evil remained walled up behind a blessed doorway at St. Mary’s Cathedral.
In the summer of 2016, an…

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