Brief Memoir of a Blender

Here’s a fun post by author Diane Taylor for your enjoyment 👍😃😄

Diane Taylor

Preparing Mango Shake in the Revived Blender Preparing Mango Shake in the Revived Blender

I am an aging multicultural blender. My glass bowl came from the Philippines, my practical plastic lid was imported from Mexico, my snappy blades were sharpened somewhere in the USA, and all my parts came together in China. My birth (they call it ‘registration’) certificate says Florida. Go figure.

Since I was purchased by my owner in Miami in 2003, I flew north in a suitcase and have lived my life as an expat in Canada—in Port Hope, Ontario to be exact. It’s been a sheltered life, living as I have in the same corner of the same kitchen of this same old house day in day out, all these years.

Sheltered, but not dull. I’ve done what I was born to do. Fulfilled my destiny, you could say. Pink smoothies, green smoothies, purple smoothies … with or without walnuts, sunflower seeds, or…

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4 thoughts on “Brief Memoir of a Blender

  1. My association with my blender goes back more than three decades (when I was a partying undergrad). Although I am not a smoothie kind of woman, my blender has provided me with Nilla Wafer crumbs (for brandy balls), pina coladas, and milk shakes. It has been a long and fruitful (maybe “alcoholic” is a more precise word although there is less and less of that these days) relationship. 😀

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