Danny’s Freedom

Danny’s Freedom


I’m Danny the Dog, Esq. For those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of making my acquaintance, I am Andrew Joyce’s roommate and he is my human. I’m in a philosophical frame of mind today. So, instead of telling you about my time at Doggie Camp, I think I’ll tell you about some thoughts that have recently been rolling around in my head.

I’ve just been reading a little Billy Shakespeare and listening to Kris Kristofferson. Genius will tell out. What got to me this day was how they both spoke to having nothing. Billy said: “Having nothing, nothing can he lose.” And Kris wrote: “Freedom’s just another word for nothin’ left to lose.”

In dog years, I’m an old man—or an old dog, if you will. With age comes experience and with experience comes wisdom. With wisdom comes the realization that we need nothing to BE. We need nothing to exist except perhaps our daily crust of bread. We accumulate so much crap and it never makes us happy. Here in America, we have a storage facility on every corner. We have so much stuff that we have to pay someone to hold it for us!

Over one hundred and fifty years ago, Henry David Thoreau told his neighbors that they saved things—put them in their attics and there the stuff stayed until they died. Then their heirs sold the stuff and other people bought it and put it in their attics until they died. Etcetera . . . etcetera . . . etcetera.

I reckon what I’m trying to say is that all we need—we dogs, humans, and anyone else—is love. There is only love. There is fear of course, the fear of not having enough, the fear of not being loved enough. From fear comes hatred, jealousy, anger—all the bad stuff. But love always triumphs over fear. So, to my non-dog friends, I say choose love. I’m only a dog and I love my human unconditionally. Love those around you. Never, ever trade your love. Never ask for something in return for your love because then it is not love.

That’s about it for today. Maybe . . . if you play your cards right, I’ll tell you a little about my adventures at doggie summer camp on the next go round. But I don’t kiss and tell, so you’ll have to be content with the PG version.

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32 thoughts on “Danny’s Freedom

  1. Danny, you’ve become quite a philosopher in your older years (although you still look pretty cute and sprightly to me). That Kristofferson song was first sung by Janis Joplin, but in a lot more gritty tone. One of my favorites. Here’s hoping your human is giving you LOTS of love!

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    • I don’t know about love, but I can say that Andrew sure ain’t giving me half the amount of turkey slices that I deserve. I may have to take him to court. But first I have to find a good dog lawyer.

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  2. Oh, Danny Boy ~ You are a wise and clever little-big canine. You really nailed it this time ~ I mean, more than you usually do. As John Lennon said, “All we need is love.” When we come from a place of love in our hearts instead of a place of fear, we help elevate the global (and dare I suggest, cosmic) consciousness. So from my heart to yours, love love love ~ and a virtual slice of turkey, however that translates into the physical 🙂

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    • Reduce, recycle, reuse . . . the three “R’s.” I like that. How about one more? “Give a way” I know it doesn’t start with an “R,” and it’s three words, but we can pretend that it’s one word that begins with an “R.” Right?

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