Fiction Genres


Toni Pike

Defining Genres

Fiction is normally divided into a range of categories that are referred to as genres. It will be the first way for readers and publishers to judge your novel, and every writer needs to select the genre of their own work. Despite that, many writers find it difficult to make that decision, even after completing the first draft. Many stories seem to fit into more than one category, making the choice even more difficult. This is a brief guideline to help you make that decision.

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11 thoughts on “Fiction Genres

  1. Let’s see…my fiction sort of falls under sci-fi and fantasy, but also has heavy horror and cyber-punk themes with a bit of erotica thrown in. So – how do I market that, as a non-white writer?
    I’m certain that there is an audience for diversity – it just seems to be difficult to nail down.

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  2. I thought, but reading about new adult from some book reviewers, the characters are supposed to be eighteen years old plus a little. Lacy Dawn, the protagonist in Rarity from the Hollow begins the adventure at ten and saves the universe a little before she is fourteen. It’s been turned down for review by NA bloggers….

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    • Yes, you’re right about that although there are no hard and fast rules. I’m afraid it’s a struggle for all of us to find reviewers, we just have to keep on working at it and we all have to decide on the best category for our work.

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      • I never really thought about it much until an unsolicited amazon reviewer said, “Rarity from the Hollow written by Robert Eggleton, to be fully honest, was much more than expected and a great read – semi-autobiographical literary work full of beautiful and ugly things, adventure, romance, pain and humor….” After that, I wrote an article for a blog: Now, I realize that every book that I’ve read and enjoyed was much more than simple escapism. Maybe I’m getting old — too old to appreciate escape from life because the final involuntary escape is around the corner. I’m not saying that it’s no fun to get high anymore. But……..

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  3. I refer to Rarity from the Hollow as adult literary science fiction. That’s a mouthful! It may also be a turn off. If you have a specific recommendation, it would be appreciated. Thanks for the article.

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