How to Write a Covering Letter to an Agent or Publisher

Great advice and links found by Author Bridget Whelan 😀


abstract houses-1289658_640Writing a decent covering letter – or query letter as they are known in America – is one of the hardest things a new writer has to tackle.

Here’s good advice from the blog Writer Unboxed on how to do so it will actually get read:

The decision of whether or not to read a letter all the way through happens within seconds. The opening should sing, better than the fat lady ever did, and in your voice. The first sentences determine whether any more of the letter gets read. The first paragraph establishes whether you have done your research, are professional, would be someone interesting (and sane), someone who might be a good collaborator, and whether you can pitch your work, not your dreams.

The author gives concrete examples of what you should and shouldn’t do.

  • Unhelpful Introductions: “I’m an x-year-old otherwise-employed person who has always dreamed…

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3 thoughts on “How to Write a Covering Letter to an Agent or Publisher

  1. Valuable info for for me. I have been approached to ghost write a story of a person that was in prison for a few years as a “don’t talk” warning having supplied cocaine to officials in the highest layers of government in the early 1970’s. Should be quite explosive.

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