In An Interesting Twist, B&N to Sell Self-Published Books In Stores…

My thanks to Author Annette Rochelle Aben for bringing this to my attention

News from the Book Business site:

The big news about Barnes & Noble is that after twenty years of battling with Amazon they have finally made a competitive move that Amazon cannot match. Barnes & Noble, with 640 bookstores in 50 states, is giving self-published authors a chance to get access to their hallowed bookshelves. Meanwhile, Amazon runs one bookstore in Seattle (albeit with 3 more slated). Barnes & Noble wins this contest hands down.
The news reads best at a quick glance: “…authors have the opportunity to sell their print books at Barnes & Noble stores across the country… participate at in-store events including book signings and discussions, where they will be able to sell their print books and meet fans.”

Continue reading by clicking the link or photo below:

B&N to Sell Self-Published Books In Stores


14 thoughts on “In An Interesting Twist, B&N to Sell Self-Published Books In Stores…

  1. Thanks for sharing and linking to the article, Chris. *Reads best at a glance* indeed! I’d be over the moon if one of my books met either of their requirements. “those print book authors whose eBook sales [of a single title] have reached 1,000 units in the past year.” The in-store promotion is for “those print book authors whose eBook sales [of a single title] have reached 500 units in the past year.”
    There must be politicians involved because that just gives lip-service to the issue — pretending to do something that in fact does nothing…
    Mega hugs my friend.

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  2. That detail devil is a nasty one. Our local B&N will take single books by local authors for display and I’ve been in a group reading at another B&N – so there seems to be some wiggle room.

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    • Noelle, you have a great store manager there. I worked at a B&N for a couple of years and they were positively hidebound to corporate rules. All the way down to the placement of stickers on books — even if the sticker covered the title or the author’s name it had to be stuck in the exact spot… They absolutely refused to have anything to do with independent books. I would like to hope that changed, but I expect you just have a great store manager, who doesn’t mind defying the corporate overlords. Hugs.

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  3. That’s nice. I went to my local B n N three times a couple years ago to get in there or be recognized to no avail. I even gave the a beautiful poster. I had wished so much they might have recognized a local author but I did not get in the door whatsoever. They said no. Oh well.

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  4. Because it is full color it costs createspace about $10.50 to manufacture my cartoon book , amazon tacks on $4.00 so I have to sell for just over $15 to get 87 cents royalty per book. That price is really too high for my cartoon book so have sold only about two dozen so I understand why. How does B & N make their profit or will they manufacture the books themselves ?

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