Crafting Serial Fiction: An In-Depth Guide…

Excerpt of a great article by Author M.L. Gardner:

A serial is a short but captivating story published in installments. And I really, really love them. When I contemplated using a serial format to continue The 1929 Series, I did a lot of research on how they’re done. Like anything else, there’s tons of information and opinions. Some of it’s good, some not so much. But I muddled through it all and took away what made sense to me.

A serial is much more than just breaking up a book every 8,000 words and putting it out there.

I have found that if people get out of each written episode what they’d get out of a TV episode, they are happy.

If they feel like they are being drip-fed a few chapters at a time, they feel ripped off simply because it is impossible to price below 99¢ on Amazon and it undermines the episode experience. Episodes of a season are like mini books within a bigger book.

Serials aren’t crafted like novels. Nailing that experience is key…

To continue reading, click on the link or her photo below:

Crafting Serial Fiction: An In-Depth Guide


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