Mystery Mondays: Jim Webster

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Well, I think this is a first for Mystery Mondays. We have Tallis Steelyard, a character,  to tell us about his author, Jim Webster. Just who is Tallis Steelyard? Find out at

I think you’ll have some fun reading this…

Tallis Steelyard on Jim Webster

Cover Woman in LoveIt has to be said that there are times when one has to come to the aid of a friend; even when they don’t deserve it.

Take the current example. This chap, Jim Webster, calls himself a writer, has a cunning plan. He’s noted that when he launches a book, the world stirs briefly, perhaps even opens its eyes, and he sells a few before the world moves on leaving him floundering once more in anonymity.

His cunning plan? Well each time he releases a book, he not merely sells the new book, but a few of his previous publications. So rather than release one…

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