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Your mind is on fire as you type out your latest story at super-fast speed when, all of a sudden, you come to a halt. You want to include a date or a time period, and you’re not sure of the best way to express it.

Here are some easy guidelines to help you get started.


There are two simple ways to write a date but in fiction you should try to write the words out in full:

Thursday 9 June 2016 – with no comma and no “th”


Ninth of June

Always write dialogue the way your character would say it:

She’ll be here on April the tenth,” said Mary.


Write a single year in numerals:


For a range of years, you can write the numerals:

1998-99 or 2002-2006

But for fiction, you should try to write the phrase in full:

She died sometime between 1958 and 1960.


Those terms stand for Anno Domini (Latin for the year of Our Lord) and Before Christ.

A more recent development has been the less popular terms BCE (Before the Christian Era) and ACE (After the Christian era). That is sometimes referred to as the Common Era.

The rules for using these are the same:

Put AD before the year: AD 450, AD 89, ADE 670

Put BC after the year: 250 BC, 700 BC, 350 BCE

You can also write out a phrase in full:

Four hundred years before Christ.


Write decades in numerals but with no apostrophe:

1950s, 2000s


Write the word in full:

She attended school in the nineteen-sixties.


For fiction you should spell the word out in full:

twentieth century

fourteenth century

If using the expression as an adjective, use a hyphen:

eighteenth-century fashions

Alternatively, you may prefer to write the numerals.

If it is a noun, write:

11th century

21st century

If it is an adjective, use a hyphen:

18th-century music

21st-century literature

Historical Periods

Use capital letters for well-known and well-recognised periods of history, pre-history and the sciences such as geology. Here are some examples:

The Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Bronze Age, the Jurassic Period, the Elizabethan era and the Age of Discovery.

More general terms should be lower case. Here are some examples:

medieval, modern, art deco furniture and ancient history.

Remember that you are writing fiction, rather than a textbook or article, so try to express the terms with as much elegance as possible, in a way that makes it clear and easy for your readers to understand.

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