Libraries are Forever Infographic…

Libraries Forever


22 thoughts on “Libraries are Forever Infographic…

  1. I love both formats. An e-reader is great if you are short on storage, but doesn’t compare to a bookcase full of books or an end table with a stack of books. An e-reader can’t compete with the smell and feel of a physical book. I cannot imagine the world without libraries, so I do hope they’re here to stay.

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  2. When it comes to reading, a hard copy is best. Research agrees. Reading a book vs reading a tablet or Kindle? No question that the print on a hard copy makes it easier for reading AND retention. Libraries are booming…I rest my case. -Jennie-

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  3. ebooks are great for travelling and to just have in one’s bag for something to read at any time. They’re less bulky than carrying print books (especially being able to have a variety of books on the go simultaneously). I like the feel of a print book and as there is no screen glare there’s less pressure on the eyes. As an author the cheaper production costs and less cost than a print book for a prospective purchaser my books can reach a wider reading audience.
    Hopefully the opportunity remains for both print and e books.

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  4. Yay. I’m for reading anyway you slice it, though I have a closer attachment to paper books. I stopped downloading on my Kindle a long time ago, I alrady have 200 books and not enough time to read. What about the 2,900 books holding up my house? o_O

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