Some Keys to Success for Children’s Authors – Guest Post…

Let’s imagine you’d like to write for children. What are some of the things you need to know?

Read lots of children’s books:

This will allow you to decide not only what you like, but also your target audience.

Would you like to create picture books for preschoolers or early readers?

How about middle grade readers (between 8-12)?

You may also like picture books, or chapter books.

If you choose chapter books you may write for six to 10 year olds, or seven to twelve year-olds, for example.

Be sure to study criteria for each group:

If you write a middle grade novel with 50,000 words, it’s likely to be rejected by a traditional publisher.

Even if you self-publish, it would be hard to hold the interest of your audience with such a long book.

What if you want to write a picture book? About 500 words would be ideal.

Think about the story plot instead of the message:

When you write for children, it’s important to have a story with enough conflict to engage them. In other words, you need a problem to be solved. Be sure the problem is resolved by your main character, so he/she can grow and change during the story. The message should be woven carefully into the plot. Give your readers something to ponder.

Learn everything you can:

Imagine you wanted to become a figure skater. Do you expect to be twirling around performing complicated jumps the first day? It’s not likely is it? The same would apply to your writing career. How can you learn? Join a critique group. This will help you to develop your talents. You might also like to take a writing course. Even if you have a natural talent for storytelling, you need to hone your skills.

Revise again and again:

Let’s say you have an editor who made improvements to your work. Should you dash it off to the publisher? I would not. Even your editor could’ve missed something. Read it over for things like overused or unnecessary words, misspelled words, or grammatical mistakes.

Contests and awards:

I love entering contests. If you’re fortunate to be among the winners, it gives you credibility. But be sure to thoroughly research the company who’s sponsoring the contest. You need to know they’re legitimate.

I hope these hints help you create a marvelous story.

Remember the three keys to success:

Here are the three ingredients to success that I’d consider vital to authors:

patience, perseverance, and passion.”



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