How to Ask for a YouTube Review…

Book Reviewer and YouTuber Whitney Atkinson talks fast, but the information she imparts is valuable,
To read the full article and see the video, go to Author Emma Woods’ blog 😀
PS: Personally, I do not do reviews on request 😀

Words from Emma Woods

So far, I haven’t asked anyone on YouTube to review Beasts and Savages. Not that I don’t want them to, I’ve just been focused on other things. More on that tomorrow.

Anyway, as I’m a stickler for research, I searched for reviewers of teen books and began my descent down the rabbit hole. That’s where I found this gem:

That’s right. Self-proclaimed book worm and YouTuber Whitney Atkinson tells authors the proper way to request a review. She is pretty darn professional and the most polite I’ve every seen. For the most part, you could apply her suggestions to any type of book review request. Thank you, Whitney.

Now, here’s a few tips from an author (me, Emma Woods) who did quite a bit of research  on requesting reviews from bloggers and, after a very frustrating month of getting nothing but research done, sent out maybe ten requests for review…

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