Why you need both CreateSpace and IngramSpark…

by Amy Collins  On Build Book Buzz:



10 thoughts on “Why you need both CreateSpace and IngramSpark…

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    Here’s a post on POD printing options from Build Book Buzz featured on The Story Reading Ape. This post provides reasons why my decision to go with Ingram first rather than CreateSpace in publishing a print version of King of the Roses (and eventually Blood Lies) was a sound one. Follow my series on my “Crazy Journey” through the Ingram process: it doesn’t look all that crazy when seen through the eyes of book-marketing expert Amy Collins!

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  2. Thanks for this! It dovetails with a series I’ve been posting on my experience publishing with Ingram; the latest post is at https://justcanthelpwriting.wordpress.com/2016/05/31/indesign-cheat-sheet-2-how-to-get-started/. I’ve begun with my process using InDesign for formatting rather than Word because the IngramSpark guidelines indicate, implicitly at least, that InDD is the preferred program. I’m glad to learn from Amy that going with Ingram first was a decent choice. I’ve been told that indie authors don’t sell print books, but now at least I have a great-looking book to hand out to local booksellers, at conferences, and in other venues.
    Bottom line: I found that if I followed directions, I could navigate the Ingram process quite nicely. As the comments on Amy’s article note, ownership of the ISBN is a central issue in that if you let CreateSpace provide your ISBN, you can’t take that ISBN to any other printer/distributor. Buying ISBNs was the main expense involved, but now I can publish nine more books if I want.
    As I continue with my series, I plan to describe exactly what I encountered as I moved through the Ingram process. I’m sure there are many nuances I’ve missed, but on the whole it has been a rewarding experience even if I don’t sell any of these lovely books!

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  3. This is especially true if you’re dealing with picture books since CreateSpace does not do hardcover color printing. My paperbacks are with CS and my hardcovers with IngSp. It takes work to juggle and to learn how both systems work (and I’ve had tons of printing issues with IngSp) but it’s worth it for the distribution benefits.

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