How to Create Lines for Interactive Books

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I’m working on a couple of projects that require lined pages for interactive paper books for CreateSpace publishing. Note that I’m not suggesting this method for Kindle books, mainly because I haven’t tried it there yet, and fancy formatting is not a good idea at all for Mobi, but also because a lined eBook isn’t going to do anyone much good. For eBook workbooks, I’d suggest rather including a printable, downloadable PDF workbook in your Kindle book—but we’ll do that another time.

If you want to create a journal or workbook, you’re going to want lined pages, or pages with text, images, and also lines. You could probably just hit the underscore a whole lot of times but that could run into problems, and using Word’s formatting tricks works well with CreateSpace. This way you control the look of your pages very nicely. Here we go.

The first thing to…

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