Girls Can’t Run Marathons! Oh, Yeah?

Ladies – Always be thankful to those who paved the way for you to have the freedoms you have – and never forget that there are still women in the world who do not yet have those freedoms.

Lori Crane


Girls can’t run marathons. Girls can’t do much of anything. They’re just…girls.

Young women today need to realize that women have not always been equals in the world, and in many ways, we still aren’t. We’ve only had the right to vote for the last 94 years. Think about that, ladies. Your great grandmother and perhaps your grandmother couldn’t vote for the next president, a privilege you take for granted. Up until fifty years ago, a woman couldn’t get a loan or open a bank account without her husband’s signature (and permission).

One woman who bravely and boldly paved the way for us is Katherine Switzer.


At the age of nineteen, Ms. Switzer decided she wanted to run the Boston Marathon. Guess what? Sorry, it’s a boy’s club. You can’t run.

She did it anyway. I don’t know how she got past the registration desk, but somehow, she got her…

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One thought on “Girls Can’t Run Marathons! Oh, Yeah?

  1. Crazy though… we shouldn’t have to feel grateful for equal rights. Do men feel grateful that they have the right to vote etc? I don’t suppose they even think about it. I do admire the women around the world who have fought against sexism and injustice, though. Fair play, they deserve the recognition.

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