Why Pigs Dig for Worms – A Melanesian Myth from Fiji

Sounds right to me – Thanks Joycelin šŸ˜ƒ

Tribalmystic Stories

A Melanesian Myth.

This story is fromĀ Myths & Legends of Fiji and Rotuma. A studentsā€™ Edition and a collection of stories and illustrationĀ by A.W Reed and Inez Hames.

This storyĀ was written as it would be told by an orator at the fireplace in MelanesianĀ societies.Ā So imagine you are sitting in a Melanesian village and an orator (usually a male) will be telling this story. I have added my own illustration below.

2016-05-24 13.49.30_resized copy JK.Leahy illustration: Pig

Vegetables cooked in earth oven (umuu or mumu) are fit for men and gods only when placed in baskets with succulent steaming meat, rich and layered with fat, (bel gris in Tok Pisin). Then a man may take taro, yam or greens in one hand and a piece of meat in the other, and Ā feast as though he were a god. In those days, the only challengeĀ is to find an animalā€¦

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