12 Ways to Improve Your Writing (Right Now, For Free)

Kate M. Colby

We all want to be better writers and find ways to improve our writing craft. Some of us have been fortunate enough to study creative writing in university or hire writing coaches and editors to help us become better writers. Then again, some of us have not had these opportunities, or simply are not sure if we want to invest so much of our money and time in our writing at this point.

Often, we get caught up in these “professional” ways to improve our writing. We forget that, at its core, writing is a creative task. Yes, writing skills absolutely can be taught, but they don’t have to be. There are dozens of ways to become a better writer on your own or with informal help without spending a dime.

Here is one dozen:

reading1. Read

Reading fiction is not just entertainment. For a writer, reading is observing and…

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