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G. Eric Francis
Good Morning…or afternoon…or possibly evening, depending on when you actually read this.

I have to find some way to write about myself, a fairly boring subject lacking in drama, excitement, or interest.

OK, here I go, hoping that I am not rejected as someone who needs therapy.

I was born a poor black child….

Wait…that is from a movie. Well, the black child part is true, but I wasn’t poor, even though I did spend a little time on welfare after graduating from college. So I was once a poor black man, but as I child I was raised in a middle to upper middle class home.

Any who, I was born in NYC, and I have been writing stories since I was around 8 years old. If I had a pen and paper (I know, foreign concepts to today’s generation), I scribbled about heroes, action adventure, and a bit of humor, because I wanted to entertain. Besides, since I was a social outcast, I had nothing else better to do. 


In my 20’s (better known as the pre-iPhone age) I tried to get with literary agents and traditional publishers, and was kindly told to go get a job, because I simply wasn’t “good enough.” I, sadly, believed them for quite a number of years…until I decided to tell myself that I was “good enough”, and thanks to Kindle Direct Publishing, I published my first book, “A Prayer for the Dying”, based on stories I wrote about an old college friend (who I also had a crush on, but was rejected like the literary agents did to me). I have since published 4 other books (um, 4 + 1 is…oh yeah, 5), which, while being generally well received, didn’t free me from the soul-sucking existence of working for the federal government.

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When I decide to sit down at a keyboard and tell a story, I have to have it drive me crazy enough (convinced it was a great idea) to stay up all night and risk getting fired from my real-life job. I have written about undercover chickens, DEA agents who have a love-hate relationship, a gay man in the near future with daddy issues, and a humor book about things that tick me off. They all seemed like good idea at the time, and I am proud of everything I’ve written.

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But I am still in the “struggling author lane,” plugging away.

As for my personal life (yawn), I am the father of 2 boys, both on the autism spectrum, one who also has an additional diagnosis of Downs Syndrome. I have been married to my best friend (to use an old Ebonics term, my “homie), and besides having the world’s worst luck, we survive and lean on one another. Actually my latest book is about the son with the dual diagnosis, and I consider it my finest work. I am even trying to raise a few pennies for Down Syndrome and Autism research along the way. I don’t need all of the money from book sales; I just want to keep the lights on so I can type up whatever great idea I come up with while watching reality TV.

Gotta add one more “basic thing” about me. I love movies, sports (Yankees rule), as well as watch alligators wrestle grandmothers on a sunny day in June.

In short folks, I write to entertain, as well as make folks think. If I can do that AND pay the mortgage, then I am in pretty good shape.


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15 thoughts on “#Read about Guest #Author G. Eric Francis

    • Tina, thank you so much. I appreciate that lovely comment. Most people think that I have issues, but I told him that I have full subscription for 24 months 🙂 by the way, can a man sake lovely? Never mind, thank you again 🙂

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  1. Well, what a surprise I got when I saw the term Ebonics in your post. I wondered if it referred to the Eboh tribe from Nigeria (like my son in law) only to learn it’s African American patois really. You learn something new every day. Very best of luck with all the books G.Eric.

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    • Why thank you Mr. Prosser….I appreciate that! Writing is my escape from the mundane, and I am trying to get the word out about my latest project to help kids like my son Noah. I’d appreciate it if you’d spread the word! Thanks again!

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