How To Help a Suicidal Person Overcome the Urge…

Although my blog is primarily for Authors and Readers to get together, there are causes I feel need (and can) to be addressed by everyone, regardless of who or where they are, but especially by authors and bloggers, who have a greater influence than most.

Depression and suicides appear to be on the increase due to all sorts of reasons, from fear of terrorism to health issues through to job losses, etc.

Young Sam has already appeared on my blog HERE discussing depression (which many of you went to, shared and gave his efforts a big boost).

This is a follow-up post from him that I hope will be shared even more.

It should be noted that although Sam’s blog is especially aimed at Teenagers, he is trying to help everyone.


When a family member tries to commit suicide, the entire family is plunged into confusion and grief. Life is instinctually valued by all of life’s creatures. Even a blade of grass or flower fights for the privilege of life. When someone close to you voluntarily ends their lives, your entire value system is thrown into question. Family members may also be consumed with guilt, thinking that they somehow should have seen the signs that led to the individuals suicide. Group therapy with others who have experienced this trauma as well as individual therapy may be necessary to help cope.

When someone tries to commit suicide the impact it has on others is significant, even if the person doesn’t think it does. How would you feel seeing someone from your family take their own life? The thing is a person who is suicidal doesn’t feel that anyone does care, even family. It’s just a lonely world for them where they are all alone with nobody.

Why Would Someone Commit Suicide

Most people who try to commit suicide don’t actually want to die, they just want the pain to stop. Most people who try to commit suicide have been fighting it for a long time but eventually they just loose all hope and can’t see any way out. When someone looses all hope, that is when they are most vulnerable.

People who commit suicide don’t always have to be suffering from mental health. People do sometimes commit suicide for other reasons however in this post I will mainly focus on the mental health aspects of suicide.

Someone who is suicidal doesn’t tend to feel that way because of one thing. It tends to be a combination of things including, but not limited to:

  • pain
  • loneliness
  • rejection
  • abuse
  • deep sadness
  • guilt
  • depression
  • hopelessness
  • helplessness

Why Don’t Suicidal People Get Help?

Many suicidal people will suffer all alone without telling someone or getting help, but why? The answer to that is because they fear getting judged, discriminated against and made fun of. The people in this world do not all accept mental illness as a serious illness – they take it for granted or mock it.

As I discussed in a post on my blog about, Mental Health Awareness, the stigma that surrounds mental health is a big problem. If people actually support those who are suffering from mental health instead of discriminating against them the world would be a much better place and people would actually talk about their problems and get the correct help they need. This in itself would be a huge step in preventing suicide.


How To Help a Suicidal Person to Overcome the Urge

The best thing you can do to help someone who wants to commit suicide is sticking with them and being there for them. Show them that you and other people care. Once someone can see that they have a meaning to this world and that they have worth they will feel a lot better, a lot lot lot better.

I have done a post on my own blog about How to Help A Suicidal Person. Please read it if you can as you may just save someone’s life.

If you would like to read up more on suicide and other mental health problems as well as ways to overcome them and support someone suffering from them please check out my website called Depression For Teens. I post on it weekly and am trying to cover a lot of mental health illnesses and ways to overcome them and help someone suffering from them.


63 thoughts on “How To Help a Suicidal Person Overcome the Urge…

  1. Thanks for sharing this. As a person who has had several people in my family (not all immediate) commit suicide, I feel it is an important issue we need to bring out from the darkness.

    I think it is the feeling of total hopelessness with no escape in sight that provides the environment for a person to take that final step. Trying to connect and trying to show them there really is hope, even if they can’t see it, can be a lifesaver.

    HOWEVER, I think getting that person professional help (in addition to providing you own support) is vital. Being there for someone you love who is suicidal is important, but so is the skill to know how to help lead that person out of the abyss they’re in.

    Great post, and I am delighted it is from a young person who really cares. Keep up the good work, Sam!

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