To be a historical writer or not to be (exclusively) – you decide!

Christoph asks for YOUR opinion in a poll on his blog 😀


download (9)As I have mentioned yesterday in my author update I just sent my latest project off to the beta readers: It is a silly murder mystery, and a long cry from my usual style of Historical or contemporary fiction based on serious issues. Although I’ve written two thrillers, they, too, had some serious undertones. This new project is intended as a fun novel, something I have been keen on doing for a long time.

So the question is: Will I be doing myself damage and disappoint readers who come to expect certain elements in my fiction, if I transgress into a cosy, fun mystery? images (22)
Or, will readers see that this is a different type of book and not buy it, if this isn’t their cup of tea?

This raises a lot of questions, particularly: Who am I writing for?
As much as we all write for an audience, we also write a little…

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