The problem of book theft …

AUTHORS – PLEASE READ and advise Susan (in her blog comments) of any similar scams you know about…

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Close to two years ago, I discovered that my eBooks, both of them, were being listed for sale on a site about which I’d never heard before. They were not under contract to sell my eBooks nor was I receiving any payment for the nearly 1000 times the site reported my novel had already been downloaded. There was a link on the site authors could write to, if they felt their copyright had been infringed. So I wrote, asked them to take down my books, and … nothing happened. That’s when I contacted my friend Tim Baker, whose books were also listed on the site, and he wrote this blog post about our experience. Many of our friends also took up the cause, sharing this blog post and following up with more information as they heard of it – good friends like Chris Graham who blogs as The Story…

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9 thoughts on “The problem of book theft …

  1. Chris – I spotted the Independent article about Ingrid Black’s plagiarised book on Michael Jeck’s Twitter feed this morning and promptly posted the link to a discussion I started in the Crime Fiction Group on Linkedin. This is just one author’s story of their work being stolen (really stolen rather than the scam sites offering free books that are after card details etc) and it really is frightening that there may actually be some sort of underground industry targeting authors with out of print books.

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    • Thanks for sharing that article around, as well. I too am frightened that this could be much bigger a one-off incident. After all, why go to so much trouble of stealing someone’s work and passing it off as your own for only a paltry ten thousand. Think of how much more money could be available if you headed a syndicate of book thieves, and paid them a mere pittance in comparison to what you can make off republishing many out-of-print books. This is how the essay-writing system works. They pay “writers” to write bogus essays for students, but the organization is what makes the money from that scam.

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