#Read about Guest #Author Caroline Clemens (aka Kim Troike)

Kim TroikeWhy would anyone want to write a book, a novel that might storm the bookshelves at your local bookstore? The answer to that question is not simple, but you either want to or you never had that thought in your mind your entire life. For me, since I was thirty years old, I have wanted to write a book. Possibly, before that time I was so busy participating in the arts I didn’t recognize the need to express myself.

Here I am, so busy in life doing the impossible, writing a novel and now repeating the process again. Can I make it even better the second time around? Don’t you write to have others read and enjoy? No one sets out to be a starving artist I tell you, yet here we are known as the Indie Author.

When my own artistic displays please me, it just makes me want to do more. I’m happy with my work as a writer and have hope for the future. My practicality and direction in life supersedes any dreams though, so I have worked as a nurse, mother, and a stylist. My plans are to work in that last field part time and write, play golf, go fishing, swim, travel and live a low key life or as they say: healthy, wealthy, and wise.

My books are these: Autumn Quotes (poetry), Kiss Ride (novella), String the Cranberries (NaNoWriMo holiday novella), Into the Vines (fiction novel), and Chocolate for Lilly (1920’s historical fiction not yet published). I’m pitching the last one in May and yes I told myself I wouldn’t pitch again, but here I am giving it another go. Why? Because marketing and writing do not go well together. That’s a tough slog as my European internet friends would say. Actually, they inspire me every day and keep me going.

 AQ  KR  StC  ItV

What gives me the right or know how to write a book and be good at it? First up, practice, and yes I’ve been practicing now for six years. I’ve six more years of fine tuning than others. I’m one of those women that seem very nice and sweet on the outside, hey remember I’m a nurse, but I’m built with resilience, stamina and a love of life. I mean to include passion, yes that quality which drives us to other places in life. Really? I love challenges, even hard or difficult ones.

Music can change my heartbeat in a moment and move me to places that only exist for me. This I believe is a source of creativity. I am not different. I’ve only been tossed at sea but held on to get through salted waves and buried my hands in hard work til I reached the sandy shore. Early in life I saw the light and this sunny disposition helps me to keep going when the waves get rough. How many storms can one person weather?

I hope you give my books a read and if not, pass my name onto a friend who needs a lift in life. My personal struggles and personality definitely reflect in my words and stories. I AM NOT DONE. I write about young love so pure, adventure & spirit, global ideals, pursuing our dreams which include family, adoption, death, and loss. After spending vast amounts of time with my grandparents in my youth and beyond this inspired me to write about 1920’s America from New York to Chicago and on down to Florida with trains, inventions and flapper girls. I’ve been told my novel is a page turner, obviously that’s the best compliment of all. Join me on this ride to the tropics.

Kim Troike

AKA Caroline Clemens *pen*


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17 thoughts on “#Read about Guest #Author Caroline Clemens (aka Kim Troike)

  1. Kim, you certainly seem to have what it takes to be a successful author. And given the number of books you’ve written, you’re already successful. I wish you the best of luck in your writing and in living a low key life (I aspire to that as well) 🙂

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    • Hello Jane. Thanks for commenting. Ambitions, hmm? I’m not sure what they fully are but this is something I never thought possible. I had so much to learn but a full life of experience to draw upon I suppose. Thanks.

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    • Yes, already you put yourself out there with uncertainty and then you find you must go and tend the flock not knowing a thing about herding sheep. Still it makes you be more certain or certainly a fool. Ha!

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