How to critique a scene without tears

A Great find by Jean 😀

Jean's Writing

I’m gonna confess something right up front.

I’m terrible at giving a good critique.

Critiques make me cry.

They are hard to give and hard to receive.

It’s hard for me to be honest and forthcoming about someone’s writing. To me, writing is so subjective. Finding grammatical errors is easy several software programs can do that but the nuances that make a good story better are hard to pin down and a good critique helps with that.

So today I was excited to learn a little about critiquing a scene.

Maybe if I practice on giving my writing good constructive criticism instead of nitpicking maybe I can get good at critiquing others writing.

Here is what I learned today from over atWriting/Romance.

  1. Decide who the protagonist is.
  2. Can you understand the protagonist’s goal?
  3. Do you understand who is keeping the protagonist from their goal and why? (antagonist)
  4. Do you…

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