Do you want to know why honorable mention and not winner?

Jean's Writing

Me too!

I’ve received the Honorable Mention label a few times and truth be told it was exciting.

First time, second time, third time, but then…

Well, then I got the always a bridesmaid syndrome. You know what I’m talking about, right?

What was wrong with me? I mean my stories. Sorry, that sounded so whiny. 

Thanks to David Farland latest email I got a few answers. Not satisfying answers but answers nonetheless. 

Here’s what I learned from the Story Doctor.

It’s not me, it’s my writing. Ouch, that hurt.

Not because the writing is bad, it’s just not good enough for the judge. Ouch again.

Since there are no new ideas under the sun, I’d better make sure my take on whatever I write is fresh, unique and interesting. There must be something original that lifts it above others written on the same subject.

Beautiful writing does not make…

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