IKEA iis mye IDEA uf Helle wit Knobden onn

I can confirm that the IKEA Shopping Labyrinth/ Maze / Safari (I mean ‘Experience’) is the same in other countries I’ve lived and worked in… 😄

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.


Curtains. As far as I am concerned they are dust-laden habitats for arachnids, moths and the wee people who creep out when I’m not in and put smudges across my “television” screen. They may have been the latest thing when Henry VIII was knee-high to the throne, they may be beloved of little old ladies in Godalming on Sea and they may keep the velvet and gold-thread manufacturers of West Dorset in business, but I don’t like ’em.

Blinds. The Bro’ and I went to fetch me some from the market. Well, to be exact, we hoofed off in the Bentley to Warrington’s IKEA emporium for some TUPPLUR roller blinds. I chose these because they cost only half a magic bean each and because, hopefully, they will poke out into my narrowboat living space less than the curtains do.

Gee whizz.

1IKEA eh? What’s that all about. Just driving through…

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6 thoughts on “IKEA iis mye IDEA uf Helle wit Knobden onn

  1. I remember visiting the one in Leeds not long after it opened. It was very crowded, we shuffled round in a long, closely packed line. Some guy near me, having sussed out the nature of the products, said: ‘It’s just Swedish MFI’ (and you have to have lived in England in the 1980s to understand that comment, I imagine some of your readers did!)
    Strangely, before the Dublin one opened, there were people in Ireland doing good business importing van loads to order from England.

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