Are You on LinkedIn Yet?

In case you missed this great post from Lisa 😀

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If you haven’t heard, LinkedIn is a powerful marketing and networking tool. It offers a lot of opportunities for writers of all calibers and in all industries.

You can be starting your own business or be self-employed for numerous years. You can be a multi-published author writing fiction or non-fiction; long or short. You can be any type of writer with any level of experience and benefit from the power of LinkedIn to find jobs, connections, and resources. Resources that can gain you new clients and help you improve your craft.

I posted about Getting Started with LinkedIn a few months ago. Check that post if you haven’t delved into LinkedIn yet.

Your profile is a powerful marketing tool. Make sure you have it as complete and relevant as possible — to the type of work you are seeking, skills you can offer, and connections you want to make.  (Avoid diluting it…

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15 thoughts on “Are You on LinkedIn Yet?

  1. I am not so sure, if it is going for me. I am there for the last 2 year, and what did I get out of it? I think nothing. It’s not for a writer, as I am. I think. I post and post and I am not getting anywhere.

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      • Yes, I have. But I have to say, honestly, they require every day or so participation. And I just don’t have the time. and don’t like to tell them about me. Or what they require me to do. I am not a person to talk a lot. I do that in my books, not there. I know, it’s probably wrong and I should, but it’s the same, going out and talk to people about my books. I can’t do that. I got too many rejection and bad report about that. Even from our best friends. Now, today, I have a book signing in Surfers Paradise. I have invited over 100 people, but only one said, is coming. I have invited all the ones that live here on the Gold Coast, they could come easily. It is putting me off. too many rejections. am happy just to write and let my publisher do what she has to do. and occasional I give you something to post. But did it help me to sell my books? I hope so.
        Sometimes it looks like I lost faith in people. It sounds like it, doesn’t it?
        Enough said.

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  2. I’ve had an account for a couple of years, but haven’t really used it. Only recently, I’ve started taking part in group discussion.
    Not sure whether it’s doing anything for me, but I kind of think I should give it a fair try.

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  3. I set up an account at LinkedIn but felt a little out of place there (I’m not the executive type!). This article does help me think about how the site might be useful. It’s on my list for another look. Thanks!

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  4. I don’t have Linkedin yet, but now I started to seriously think about it! Since I do offer some services and planning to launch my own project!

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