Blogging Tip: How to Group Multiple Images

Great information for bloggers, now, if only I knew how to transfer my existing library into galleries without losing their existing links, I’d be a VERY happy little ape 🐵

My thanks to Johann in the comments for letting me know the problem he had trying this.

I think it must be either for premium or self-hosting sites – Darn it…

However, another way to group images on posts is to make a Table in your word processor, copy and paste it into your blogpost and insert the images from your Media.

That’s how I did it on my TSRA 3D Books page at:


MOST OF US use a picture in a post to enhance the impact. Usually the blogs I see have one main picture for the header and maybe a few more scattered throughout the post.

What if you want to group several pictures together? What then?

Here’s how you do it:

Click on ‘Add Media‘ (of course)

Then click the left hand side on ‘Create Gallery

creating gallery on wordpress

With that selected you then choose the pictures you want simply by clicking on multiple images

Click ‘Create a new gallery‘ and you will be in a new window giving you options on how you would like the photos to appear in the post; tiled, mosaic etc. Insert into post and there you have it, pictures grouped together instead of requiring formatting that never quite works without ruining the text at the same time.


Tiled mosaic

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