The open door to opportunity, or further examples of what best selling authors get up to.

Jim Webster

door handle

It’s not all swilling Piña colada with bikini wearing starlets you know! Neither is it eating a series of business lunches with high powered literary agents and publishers.

No the great writer is more than just an artist, more than just a craftsman (or craftswoman depending on how you wish to self identify) of words. There are other skills that are also vital important.

So it is that after spending a jolly morning feeding sheep in the snow and the rain I ended up being called upon to fit a door handle. Now the door in question is vital for the warmth and wellbeing of those working in the kitchen. When it holds the door closed properly, the kitchen remains warm. There are no icy draughts from the ‘utility room’ where freezers and fridges dwell, wood for the fire huddles close to the Wellingtons to avoid the sodden waterproofs dripping…

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