Mini-Series — The Senses — Touch

As I pressed the water decanter against my fevered brow, it’s icy coolness sent a jolt of pain through my brain. The malaria I had contracted will probably object and make me pay for that later, but for now I needed the pain to help me concentrate on what I had to do. The relieving darkness offered by lowering the rough canvas window shades followed by the tempting warm softness promised by the bed will have to wait. 😎🐵
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Teagan's Books

Hearing, Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch

Welcome back everyone.  This is the final installment of my mini-series on the five senses.  I’ve been having a great time with this and I’m happy to see you again.  I’m sincerely touched that this series has been so well received. But that’s a different kind of touch than the sense of touch.  Working the sense of touch into your writing can bring your words to life.  It helps make it relatable.  Are you ready?  Today we reach out and — Touch

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of touch is texture.  (Granted, “smooth” is a texture, but I think you know what I mean.)  Texture is pleasing to my eye.  If I decorate a room or put together an outfit, I like to have elements with texture.  Descriptions of a tactile experience can enhance your writing.  Place your hand…

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5 thoughts on “Mini-Series — The Senses — Touch

  1. I’ve always been a very tactile person. Perhaps some of it was ‘developed’ by living so long in ‘the dark’. We each have senses that more developed than others and this is definitely one of my strongest. No doubt why when I paint, it is always in oils. The textures send me to another place and it is my meditation.

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